Skills are special abilities purchasable from the in-game store. On a cooldown, users can activate Skills to aid in survival, to help others survive, or to hinder other players. Every survivor is limited to one active Skill, which can be changed out of rounds.

There are a wide variety of Skills, however they all boil down into four categories:

- Offensive

- Defensive

- Movement

- Event

(Choose a category to see its description and skills.)

Obtaining Edit

When walking up to the shop or accessing it from the in-game menu, the survivor is shown a GUI from which they can purchase one random Skill that they do not currently own from any of the three aforementioned categories. Skills can be purchased with the two main currencies; Coins and Gems. The price of each Skill will scale with how many the player has already purchased in that category. When the player is in the store menu, they can see the number of remaining Skills left in each category for them to purchase.

Once a category has been "bought out" (AKA, the player has obtained all skills in that category) it will simply say "Sold Out," and the buy option will be grayed out.

Trivia Edit

  • - In older versions of the game, upgrading skills required the usage of credits.
  • - There are in total 30 available skills.
  • - Previously, when teleported into the map, you could not change your skill. Now, you are able to change your skill until the 3 second timer ends.
  • - While Perks are disabled in Hardcore mode, Skills remain available.
  • - Previously, Skills used to be in tiers, However as of now they are removed.