Ornaments are items that appear during the 2017 Roblox Holiday Event when playing rounds. They occasionally appear on the surface, emitting a white glow along with a loud jingling bell near it.

Ornaments come in three models, all working the same way: Candy cane, Gingerbread man, Star.

Picking up an Ornament fills the meter by one, you can see it on the left of your screen. Ornaments reset after you leave the game. You can decorate the Christmas Tree in the lobby after acquiring some Ornaments. Trying to pick up an Ornament while having all 10 acquired will not pick it up.

Decorating the Tree with 10 Ornaments grants you the Gingerbread Man item. You can see it in your Roblox inventory and use it. You also obtain an Ice Meteor skill, exclusive to this event.

Better ornaments

All available Ornaments.

Ornament bar

The Ornament meter, filled out

Chris tree

A Christmas Tree with all 10 Ornaments.

Tips Edit

  • Zoom out of your standard view to spot Ornaments more easily. Look for the bell sounds and a white glow.
  • Avoid movement-impairing bombs such as the Jump Bomb to reach Ornaments without someone stealing them from you.
  • Don't leave the game if you want to complete the Christmas Tree.
  • Skills and Perks can help you reach Ornaments more easily, such as the Double Jump.