A small Lava pool.

Lava is the last layer that instantly kills all players that touch it. The Fireproof perk prevents instant death from lava, but instead deals 20 damage every few seconds which gives a chance to escape.

Lava appears at the bottom of the map, lurking in deep gaps caused by explosions. In later parts of the round, craters with deadly lava caused by explosions create obstacles that are hard to avoid without Movement skills. Loose parts that fall into Lava will start burning.

Tips and Tricks Edit

- Small, red sprites appear on a layer above Lava, indicating that players should stay out. This is especially useful for Pickaxe-using players that dig deeply without the perk. A hot, bulging sound is also heard near danger.

- Lava is not a solid layer, this means that loose blocks and even coins can hide there. They can be collected if a Fireproof perk is equiped.

- The Hover skill is great for avoiding huge gaps with Lava, occasionally the Dive skill. The Double Jump perk is also useful for avoiding smaller gaps.

- The Forcefield skill can be used to avoid all damage taken by everything, even lava.