Oh My Goodness, Is that meteor falling to Neptune? ~ thlah
The Ice Meteor is a skill available during the ROBLOX 2017 Holiday Event by acquiring all 10 Ornaments.

25/09/18 As of today you can still get the skill from the skill shop.

How It Works Edit

Upon activation, the player takes out a panel, presses a button and discards it. Soon, a fast Ice Meteor drops from the sky. On impact, it works like the Freeze and Ice Meteor; turns all blocks into ice in a certain blast radius. It also freezes players on impact for about 7 seconds.

Pros & Cons and Images Edit


  • An okay recharge rate (around 20 seconds on LVL3)
    Ice meteor desc

    Ice Meteor Description in the skills menu

  • Can turn static blocks into loose blocks, breaking buildings.
  • The skill is easy to acquire (during the event).

The meteor is silent and fast.

  • Can be used along with a teammate for easy damage.
    Meteor impact

    The Ice Meteor right before impact.

  • Freezes players for 7 seconds.


  • Low damage on impact (15 hp)
  • The meteor can be blocked by ceilings.
  • Easy to avoid if the meteor is noticed in time.
  • Smaller radius than the Freeze Bomb.
RobloxScreenShot20171227 233408744

The player hitting the button.

Compared to the Freeze Bomb...

  • The Freeze Bomb has a larger blast radius.
  • The Bomb does not deal damage.
  • The Bomb is easier to notice, but can have a faster fuse time in certain cases.

Tips And Tricks Edit

  • You can break slim constructions by turning the blocks loose with ice.
  • Couple up with a teammate; freeze enemies with the Meteor and let your friend damage them easily.
  • The drop location is set when your player hits the button, not when you press F.
  • Because frozen terrain is nearly indestructible, it can serve as a helpful platform. Use this if the map is ruined and you need a safe area.
  • The Ice Meteor will not freeze or damage you if you're the one who spawned it. However, it can blast you away, which you can use to your advantage.

Trivia Edit

  • It is unknown if the skill will be available after the event. However it is most likely not.
  • Ok blokxee here, and YeS! you can still get it from the skill shop.
  • The skill-spawned Ice Meteor is nearly undistinguishable from a game-spawned Ice Meteor.
    • The only true way to figure out the two is to see if a panel is under the Ice Meteor. If it is, it's player-spawned.