Hallow Wings are a halloween special alternative to the Crystal Wings. Originally a reskin of the Crystal Wings, but now as of Update v3.65, Hallow wings were drastically changed. These changes included a reduction of the original

jump boost, speed reduced noticeably, reduction of the break damage from 10 to 5, and a reduced cooldown by 7 seconds (25 -> 17). Besides stats, the main difference between Crystal wings and Hallow wings are the aesthetics; with the Hallow Wings having Orange and Black wings, a Yellow/Orange trail, and a howling wind sound while in use. Since then, it has been removed as of the 3.7 update, but may come back in Halloween 2019.

Tips n' tricks

  • Use this instead of crystal wings if you prefer bragging rights, customization, and less regeneration.
  • Try to avoid any bombs since you'll pay the price for it.


  • ​​​This is a reskin of the Crystal Wings.
  • They emit an orange wave instead of blue.


Broken wing counter

Broken wing counter


Hallow Wings when not in use


Hallow Wings in use