Events occur randomly during rounds. They were added in the huge EVENTS update. 4 more were added in the tier 2 update! Events always occur when the intermission is 35 seconds, although it is known to sometimes occur in 20 seconds. Here are the events! Events no longer occur in the game.

Event Name Event Description Soundtrack
A huge fiery meteor is approaching! A large meteor will approach the map and explode, burning loose parts and even terrain! It can sometimes glitch where it explodes mid-air. This likely happens when a block touches the meteor mid-air. N/A
One of the terrain layers is disappearing! A terrain layer will start disapearing, increasing the posibility for falling into magma. N/A
A big thunderstorm is brewing! Dark clouds cover up the sky, blocking the spawning bombs. It also sends lightning bolts to the ground. The lightning bolts have the same effect as a Shock Mine. N/A
The lava is rising! The lava found below the map will rise dangerously to the 4th terrain above. This means loose parts are burned more frequently and there's a higher chance for someone falling into magma (without fireproof). After some time, it will go back to normal levels. N/A
A golden cloud is raining coins! A golden cloud spawns and drops coins of all 3 types. It spawns in a random location. N/A
It's getting really foggy suddenly! Fog will cover the map. The fog is purple-ish/magenta and will block the player's view. It is not very dense. This also means unexpected bombs like Pumpkin Bomb's purple light is more difficult to see. This event lasts until the round ends. A glitch can occur where, in the lobby, fog can occur. Kirby Air Ride - Dense Fog Today.
Tons of missiles are falling! Air strikes, nukes, homing missiles and cluster missiles will only spawn during this event. This means more damage and destruction occur. Also about 3-4 nukes will all be dropped at once. Kirby Air Ride - Flying Meteor
It's raining... DUCKS?! Ducks will rain from the sky, dealing 25 damage. They only explode if a player touches them in which they quack 3 times before exploding. A larger duck is spawned at the end of the event. It explodes much slower than normal ducks but has bigger damage and explosion range. Kirby Air Ride - Item Bounce.
A mysterious spacecraft is dropping bombs! An UFO will fly around and drop bombs. It can drop the following: Mini-bombs, Squids, Stun Grenades, Pumpkin Bombs, Soccer bombs, Red or Nitros. It spawns in the center of the map and flies around randomly. N/A
A mysterious spacecraft is dropping... tacos? An UFO in a form of a sombrero will spawn in the center of the map and drop tacos. Tacos heal 10 HP. It is very similar to the other UFO event. It plays some kind of Mexican music. Unknown Mexican Music
Skills are temporarily disabled! - Tier 2 Update Added in the tier 2 update, all of the players' skills are disabled. Becoming unusable for a while. It can be an advantage since other players with harming skills cannot bother you anymore. Kirby Air Ride - What's in the box?.
Skills are temporarily Skill EX! - Tier 2 Update Added in the tier 2 update, all of the players' skills are Skill EX (AKA Very powerful). This means everybody's skills (if they have a harming skill) are more damaging towards you. Kirby Air Ride - Huge Pillar.
Coins are worth DOUBLE credits this round! - Tier 2 Update Added in the tier 2 update, coins are worth double credits, meaning a gold coin, instead of 3 credits, gives 6 credits. This means that coins emit sparkles based on their type. This lasts for the rest of the round. N/A
It's raining pianos! Take cover! - Tier 2 Update Added in the tier 2 update, pianos will rain down, dealing 25 damage. This means that terrain can no longer be destroyed. This event may last to even the end of a round! N/A

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