Unique and Event Skills/Perks

Event skills or Perks are essentially any abilities that aren't available for purchase by conventional means.

Holiday Event (2017)

- Ice Meteor

Minions (2015)/Beesmas: Nuts and Bolts (2017)

- Banana

This was initially the only way to attain the Banana Skill, however, it is now available as a "secret" in the Lobby, spawning in around 5 preset hiding spots.

Halloween/Bloxtober Skills/Perks

- Pumpkin Bomb

- BOO!!

- Spooky Jump

- Candy Corn

- Hallow Wings

These abilities are made available every October, in which they are available in a sub-category of the Shop.

Bloxgiving Skills

- Spicy Turkey

- Drumsticks

These Skills are made available every Autumn, in which they can be purchased via a Skill Pack/Gamepass.


- Air Dash

Despite this being unlockable via a Toy Code, it can still be purchased via the Shop for 30,000 Credits or 200 Gems.


  • Essentially every Skill/Perk is destined to be re-released at some point in the future.
    • Any ability that was hard to attain (be it no longer available or simply unconventional) has been made available to players once again, or at least in a more accessible way.
  • The Banana Skill was made so long ago and in such a quick and humble event that it was, at one point, the rarest Skill in the game. This makes it a bit ironic that it is now one of the most common Skills as it can be obtained without ever playing a round.
  • The Bloxgiving Skill Pack is the only Skill Pack to be a Gamepass. This is because it was made before Gems were added, and before in-game micro-transactions were implemented into Roblox.