Wings while flying.


Broken wing counter.


Wings when not flying.

Crystal Wings is a new Perk in the 3.0 update of SBS. These wings allow you to fly and glide, and you can buy them in the Shop for 250 Gems or 50,000 Coins. This perk is the best in the game (currently), but if you get hit, they break. They take 30 Seconds to regenerate and with them on you take +10 more damage when the wings break. To activate them, jump in midair. When activated, they give you an upwards boost, kind of like Double Jump. Jumping while gliding will cancel the flight making you fall.

Currently, it is the second rarest perk, with Air Dash (but this is not the case anymore) being the rarest. This is the 2nd most expensive perk in the game, at 50,000 coins, but has been beaten by the Aurora Wings at 65,000 coins.


  • Having the Air Dash increases glide speed.
  • Having Featherfall will decrease the descending speed.
  • Having Double Jump increases the height of the initial leap.

Shop icon.


In perk slot.