Coins are items that randomly fall from the sky during rounds. Coins are also dropped from Midas Bombs. Your coins are summed up at the end of each round or when you lose, as a Bonus. There are currently five types of coins that can be interacted with:

Bronze Coins Edit

Bronze coins are the most common of all, granting 1 Credit on pick up. As the name suggest, they are bronze.

Silver Coins Edit

Silver coins are more rare than it's Bronze counterpart, granting 2 Credits on pick up. They are white and emit a slight shine of the same color.

Gold Coins Edit

Gold coins are the second rarest coins in the game, but they grant 3 Credits on pick up. They emit a golden shine.

Small Gold Coins Edit

These coins only drop at high intensities and they're not too rare, granting 5 Credits on pick up. They're sometimes hard to spot.

Fake Coins Edit

Fake coins are dropped from players that use the Fake Coin skill. The coin's color depends on the skill's level. Once a player touches the coin, it beeps quickly before exploding for mediocre damage. This can be avoided by jumping on and off every coin you pick up.

Red Coins Edit

Red coins are the rarest of all, probably rarer than gems but give a whopping 10 credits when grabbed.

Purple Coins Edit

Purple coins are even more rarer than other coins, gives 50 credits

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