Bombs are the core of this game. They work as an obstacle that tries to prevent players from surviving. They are what makes this game special and exciting. Remember that "bomb" isn't limited to exploding balls with fuses.

All of them have different properties; some kill players and some cripple them with effects. Bombs are divided into 2 categories: Damage Bombs and Effect Bombs. Damage Bombs try to damage or kill players while Effect Bombs give status effect to players, crippling them in various ways. Press the bomb you want to know more about and use CTRL+F to quickly find the bomb you're looking for!

Damage Bombs Edit

  • - Standard Bomb: The most basic bomb, it beeps then explodes.
  • - TNT Crate: Same as Standard Bomb, but are dropped above players.
  • - Dynamite: Only explodes when lit by other explosions.
  • - Soccerbombs: Can be kicked around. White ones start their countdown randomly while red ones start upon kick.
  • - Homing Missile: Homes into a random player.
  • - Air Strike: Slowly falls down, creates a large yellow glow.
  • - Nuke: Explodes several times, instant killing any victim. It is spotted by an alarm and its red path.
  • - Cluster Missile: Like Air Strike, but explodes into several other bombs.
  • - Black Hole Generator: Creates a large black hole that sucks anything into the core.
  • - Shock Mine: Temporarily electrifyes any nearby block.
  • - Nitro: Explodes when touched.
  • - Pumpkin Bomb: Hides in an invisible state, then pops out when players are near.
  • - Warp Mine: Teleports around the map.
  • - Zombomb: Green bombs that follow players.
  • - Firebomb: A larger Standard Bomb that does not damage terrain but has great blast force.
  • - Classic Bomb: An old-school ROBLOX bomb.
  • - Pressure Bomb: A much more powerful version of the Standard Bomb.
  • - Midas Bomb: Drops coins on explosion.
  • - Meteor: Slowly falls down and burns buildings.
  • - Ice Meteor: Slowly falls down and freezes buildings and players.
  • - Duck?: Quacks a couple of times then explodes.
  • - Piano: Dropped on players, causes huge health loss.
  • - Spiked Bomb: Damages players on touch.
  • - Drill: Found on higher intensities. Digs through the terrain to cause a massive hole.
  • - Bass Blast: Plays music and explodes every once in a while. Its explosions have massive force.
  • - Blue Homing Missile: Is faster but deals less damage.
  • - Teapot: Same as Dynamite, but burns terrain instead of exploding.
  • - Dialup Bomb: Makes corrupted sounds and explodes. Dropped further away from players.
  • - Eyebomb: Spawns directly near players and looks at them. Spawned when players aren't moving as much or moving a lot.
  • - Fake Coin: A imposter of Coins.

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