Bomb is a Tier 1 skill that is available in the beginning of the game. On use, the player throws a Bomb in the direction they’re facing. The bomb explodes after roughly four seconds once thrown. It beeps faster and faster before exploding, dealing explosive damage to anyone it hits, except the player. Knockback is still applied.

Level 1 Bomb Properties Edit

The default bomb deals 10 damage to enemies and has a small explosion radius. It looks like a generic bomb. It has to level up to become effective.

- 10 DMG

- Small explosion radius

- 15 seconds recharge

- Generic bomb model.

Level 2 Bomb Properties Edit

Level 2 Bomb deals 20 damage to enemies and has a bigger explosion radius than before. It becomes bigger, has a star decal and gains an orange color. It's more effective than before, able to hit enemies more easily.

- 20 DMG (+10)

- Average explosion radius

- 15 seconds recharge

- Orange, star bomb.

Level 3 Bomb Properties Edit

Level 3 Bomb is the final upgrade that deals 30 damage to enemies and has an even bigger explosion radius that shakes the screen. It's even bigger and more orange. Very effective in dealing damage with it's average cooldown and good damaging properties.

- 30 DMG (+10)

- Large explosion radius, shakes the screen.

- 15 Seconds recharge

- Big, orange, star bomb.

Tips and Tricks Edit

- The bomb excels in good reliability with it's good damage, radius and knockback.

- Surprise attacks are very useful, as the bomb can explode before the target escapes. You can throw it down a hole or jump before throwing it for higher velocity and shorter explosion time.

- Don't be afraid to throw the Bomb a lot for potential damage, it has a short cooldown with 15 seconds.

- You don't take damage from the Bomb, it can be used for Bomb Jumping without taking damage.