The Banana is a skill available during the Minion Event 2015 or obtained as a gift during the Beesmas Event 2017 By Mah_bucket. As a result the code will be down below:

1116524 Edit

How it Works Edit

Upon activation, a banana will spawn in-front of you and sits there until the charging bar will fill up again. When it sits there you have to hope that someone will not realize where they're walking and they slip on it for roughly 2-3 seconds.

Pros & Cons and Images Edit


  • Sits there for quite some time
  • Fun to slip around with
Description for banana
Banana in action!


  • Using the Quick Charge Perk can make this not useful
  • Many people will know its position when they see it
  • Unobtainable and quite rare

Tips & Tricks Edit

  • Try to place it in a dark area where no one will see it

Trivia Edit

  • This is the Only Event skill so far to be obtained in 2 events. (One Official ROBLOX event) (One Fan-Made event)

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