BOO!! is a skill that was obtained during Halloween by Candies and is known to be the most expensive Halloween skill. Many theories believe that BOO!! along with Spooky Jump and Pumpkin Bomb were supposed to be obtained as objectives during BLOXTOBER 2016 but this has been debunked when they came back in 2017.

How It Works Edit

Upon activation, a circle around you will haunt and spook the players nearby with a BOO!! Once this happens the players will be tripped for roughly 4 seconds.

Pros & Cons and images Edit


  • Can scare a bundle of nearby players.
  • Using Super charge Perk will up your chances of 100 PvP bonus.
  • Can put enemies in danger when tripped.
  • Can spam this on a afk player


  • Has a small range
  • Only obtainable on Halloween and mildly rare

Tips & Tricks Edit

  • Use this next to a bundle of players
  • Find a AFK player and spam use it

Trivia Edit

  • These Skills were intended to be BLOXTOBER 2016 exclusive due to candies a event exclusive. However the following year the were brought back along with the event candies
  • BOO!! is the most expensive skill to buy with candies in the game